Friday, April 14, 2006

Lionel No. 4U Outfit.
Unassembled O-Gauge No.4 Bild-A-Loco locomotive. Assembled and decorated locomotive cab and frame, motor parts, wheels, drive gears arranged on a metal tray and circle of track.
The black enameled motor base permits the locomotive motor to be converted to a stationary motor. The axles and flanged wheels nay be exchanged with a flywheel-pulley shaft or a capstan-sprocket shaft. The stationary motor drive shafts are visible to the left and right of the brass locomotive collector shoe assembly. The stationary motor is known as the Bild-a-Motor.
The No. 4U is only 4U while in the box. When assembled it becomes a No.4 An example of a piece that must have the box. This outfit appears to be missing the screw driver and include an extra flywheel pully shaft.


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